August 2015

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When the sinkhole opened there was no time to brake or turn the wheel and the old green Land Rover was snatched off the dirt road over the smoking rim. The moment that a sinkhole swallows the car Daniel and his father are travelling in, everything changes: suddenly Daniel is the ‘miracle boy’ who escaped unharmed and his father is gone, trapped in a coma with no sign of recovery. Everyone wants to know the secret to Daniel’s escape, including a Mason, a gangster who believes that Daniel is special and can help him secure the biggest score of his career…whatever it takes…But is Daniel really special or just lucky?… Read more >>>


more!A guest post from Tracey Corderoy

I love writing for Archie. He says whatever comes into his head, has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and oozes a certain cheeky charm that can’t help but make me smile…

My eldest daughter was very like Archie when she was little. Her days were filled to bursting with chatter, fun, busyness … and endless questions! When I was asked to write a book about the “NO!” word, I was allowed free rein with the writing style and content. As Archie’s character quickly took over, (which is just the way I like it) his first story emerged as pared back and edgy, with the kind of humour that sometimes makes adults and children smile for different reasons.… Read more >>>