Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner

maggot mSummary from Goodreads

When his best friend Hector is suddenly taken away, Standish Treadwell realises that it is up to him, his grandfather and a small band of rebels to confront and defeat the ever present oppressive forces of The Motherland.
Friendship and trust inspire Standish to rise up against an oppressive regime and expose the truth about a planned moon landing in this original and spellbinding book.

Paperback, 280 pages
Published January 3rd 2013 by Hot Key Books (first published August 30th 2012)

My Review

This is a gorgeous tale that is both memorable and moving! I ever so easily got wrapped up in Standish’s journey and I’m so pleased that I got to know him.

Sally Gardner weaves an addictive story from the point of view of a brilliant unlikely hero. It is told in short, snappy and fast-moving chapters that pulled me along on quite the adventure. There is also a lovely little picture story that accompanies Standish’s narration ever so wonderfully.

I really liked how our main character has dyslexia, seeing how others treated him was hurtful though. He really was a bright boy with so much to offer – including bravery in bucket loads!

The storyline itself is a little odd in places, but there in lies the beauty. 1956, in a world ruled with an iron fist by hardened soldiers and propaganda. The motherland want to show ultimate power and be the first to land on the moon. Standish and his Gramps live in zone 7, where the outcasts and worst treated reside. Life in zone 7 is brutal but the little folks know more than the rest of the world around them…

Maggot Moon is a powerful book with stand-out and very remarkable characters. The pacing is fast and really there is never a dull moment. If I had to sum it up in one world? Unique!

4/5 Stars!

*I bought a copy of this from Amazon UK*


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