10 Random Things About The Dying Place (Luce Veste)

1 – The book is based on an ongoing conversation I’ve had with my dad about young people and the issues a minority of them cause. I haven’t asked if he minds that I’ve turned it into fiction.

2 – I wrote the book whilst in what was supposed to be my final year at university. Unsurprisingly, I am having to resit a couple of exams in 2015.

3 – Originally, the book was going to have a completely different second half. I have thousands of unused words which will likely never see the light of day.

4 – I listen to music whilst writing, with different playlists for certain scenes. I wrote The Dying Place with mainly Pink Floyd playing for two thirds, with Rage Against The Machine for the last third.

5 – There was going to be a subplot concerning religion but I’ve saved it for another book. It grew into its own story, so deserves more attention.

6 – I considered not having the main character of Murphy reconciled with his wife at the beginning of the book – even writing the first ten chapters with this in place – but decided against it.

7 – The book took eight months to write, with numerous drafts within that time.

8 – The scenes which take place at The Farm where originally not violent. My editor at the time made the suggestion of beefing up those chapters, which has turned them into some of the most violent chapters I’ve ever written.

9 – The ending went through many changes and much discussion. I managed to win the argument and keep the original ending.

10 – Most of the characters share names with people I know in real life. So far this hasn’t ended in phonecalls from worried relatives, but there is still time.

the dyingSummary from Goodreads

A fate worse than death…

DI Murphy and DS Rossi discover the body of known troublemaker Dean Hughes, dumped on the steps of St Mary’s Church in West Derby, Liverpool. His body is covered with the unmistakable marks of torture.

As they hunt for the killer, they discover a worrying pattern. Other teenagers, all young delinquents, have been disappearing without a trace.

Who is clearing the streets of Liverpool?

Where are the other missing boys being held?

And can Murphy and Rossi find them before they meet the same fate as Dean?

“Darkly impressive” The Times

“A writer to watch” Mark Billingham

“Gripping, unpredictable, genuinely shocking and impossible to put down” Steve Mosby

Paperback, 400 pages
Published December 4th 2014 by Avon (first published October 23rd 2014)

The Dying Place is now available in paperback format (Amazon UK)

About the Author

Luca VesteLuca Veste is a writer of Italian and Scouse heritage, currently living on the wrong side of the River Mersey. He is married with two young daughters, and is himself one of nine children.

He is currently a mature student, studying Psychology and Criminology at the University of Liverpool.

Luca is the editor of the Spinetingler Award nominated charity anthology series ‘Off the Record,’ which raises money for children’s literary charities. He also has short stories in numerous publications.

A former civil servant, actor and musician, he now divides his time between home life, university work and writing.




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