I Heart Bedtime by Clara Vulliamy – Review & Character Interview


I have something very special to share with you all today and I really hope you love it as much as I do! My daughter Lily had the chance to interview Martha – who is just her favourite character ever! A big thank you to Clara Vulliamy for letting Martha come out for an interview! Without further ado, lets meet the girls!

 This is Martha! Martha is a big sister to two of the best Bunny Brothers EVER!! She is always a happy bunny and loves to play with her Bunny Brothers and help her mum out!

This is Lily! Lily is 4 years old and is a big sister to one super cute little brother! She loves to read and have fun doing lots of artsy things!

Hi Martha *waves*! My names is Lily and I love you! 🙂

Hi Lily! *madly waving* and I love you too!  () ()
                                                                      . .

Who is your very best friend? 

My very best friends are probably my bunny brothers Monty and Pip, because even if they are a bit silly sometimes we play great games together – and they think I’m the BEES KNEES!

What adventures are you going to do next? 

Next we are going to pack our buckets and spades and we are going TO THE SEASIDE! I can’t wait! I am mostly looking forward to making sandcastles, swimming in the sea and having LOTS of ice creams.

What is your favourite colour? 

My favourite colour is yellow. What’s yours?

 Lily: Pink 

What is your favourite animal? 

I like these sea otters best. They hold hands while they are sleeping in the water so they don’t drift apart from each other, isn’t that sweet?

Do you go to any special clubs? Like Girls Brigade – like me? 

That sounds brilliant! Can I come with you one day? I am only in The Happy Bunny Club for now.

What happens if you are a little bit naughty?

If I am a little bit naughty I have a chat with my Mum and we think about how I won’t be naughty next time.

What is your favourite book? 

My favourite book is Babar the elephant. I like his green suit!

Which teddy is your favourite? 

I have a teddy called Teddy-one-ear because one of his ears fell off. I might make him a new ear one day. It might be a different colour. Then he might be called Teddy-Pink-Ear!

Do you go to bed at 7 o’clock – like me? 

Yes, I always go to bed at 7 o’clock, and then I am full of beans the next morning for more FUN.

Is your daddy going to be in any books?

How clever you are to notice that our daddy isn’t in the books yet. But HOORAY he IS coming with us to the seaside!

What is your best toy?

My best toy is Jennifer. She sleeps tucked up in bed next to me.

What is you favourite treat? 

My favourite treat is eating white chocolate buttons while I am being read stories.

Which games do you like to play best? 

I like playing with Jennifer in our secret den, and sometimes we play schools with the other toys. I also like running about games – jumping and hopping and going on my scooter!

Thank you for your fantastic questions, Lily! XX

My Review

 Martha and her brilliant Bunny Brothers are a BIG hit in our house, so when we seen there was going to be another book – we just HAD to have it!

We were not disappointed, I Heart Bedtime is a fabulous next instalment. Clara Vulliamy’s illustrations are the best out there and we really can’t get enough of them. They are big, bright, bold and randomly placed around the pages! Adults and kids alike will be in for a treat and simply won’t know what to look at first!

Martha is such an adorable little Bunny and I think what makes these books so brilliant is the way Clara manages to make them so easy for kids to relate to. My daughter is able to relate to Martha because they face the same dilemmas – like not being able to choose a favourite toy, wanting to be a great older sister and help out while still looking to have a blast! Most importantly having problems choosing a favourite pair of PJ’s to wear! I couldn’t be the only parent out there that grits their teeth when my child struggles to pick a pair of PJ’s and put them on – but we forget that these are quite big decisions for little people!

Here is Martha in her favourite PJ’s: —>

This story follows Martha and her Bunny Brothers in another fantastic adventure – getting ready for bed! Grace from next door will be babysitting and Martha is super excited because she really likes Grace! But she won’t be able to spend any time with her if she doesn’t help get those troublesome Bunny Brothers into bed!

This is a really happy and positive book for little people, I would have absolutely no problem recommending it to everybody.

Inside there is a Bedtime Bunnies song that is supposed to be sung to the tune of It’s a Long Way to Tipperary! It is such a wonderful addition to the story and we could go around happily singing it all day long!

Pick up I Heart Bedtime or I Heart School (you can see my review here) today for a super fun treat!

A BIG 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Harper Collins Childrens books for the review copy*

Carly 🙂

Check out Clara’s website or Twitter page!


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