The Last Treasure Hunt by Jane Alexander (Treasure Hunt)

LTH_cover_sAt  the  age  of  thirty,  Campbell  Johnstone  is  a  failure.  He’s  stuck  behind  the  bar  of  a  shabby  pub,  watching  from  the  sidelines  while  everyone  else  makes  a  success  of  their  lives.  The  most  visible  is  Eve  Sadler,  a  childhood  friend  and  rising  Hollywood  star.

When  Campbell  tries  to  rekindle  their  relationship,  he  longs  for  the  glitter  of  her  success  to  rub  off  on  him,  but  a  single  shocking  night  –  the  novel’s  shattering  twist  delivered  with  a  knockout  punch  –  changes  everything.  Campbell  is  about  to  discover  the  bittersweet  taste  of  fame,  and  in  the  process,  struggle  to  save  his  soul  and  overcome  his  own  self-­‐delusion.

The  Last  Treasure  Hunt  explores  our  obsession  with  fame  and  celebrity  with  great  intelligence  and  sly  wit  –  it’s  a  modern  media  morality  tale  with  bite.

Clue 6

By the steps of this great dome

Is where the hungry gather

Tuppence a bag

And a sky full of feathers


How the hunt works:

* Each clue refers to a landmark or iconic location in a film. The landmark/location is the answer – when you figure it out, make a note of it!

* (If you need a hand, check out the #treasurehunt hashtag on Twitter or Instagram for a hint to the landmark’s location…)

* Clues will be revealed by some fantastic book bloggers from March 26th until April 21st. Keep checking back on Jane Alexander’s dedicated treasure hunt page ( or on the #treasurehunt hashtag for links and new clues.

* When all the clues are revealed, the first letter of every answer will make an anagram. Solve the anagram and you have your final answer!

* Email this answer and all the landmarks you figured out to by April 30th to be entered into the prize draw. Two entrants will win a signed copy of The Last Treasure Hunt – and if you’ve guessed the most landmarks and locations, you’ll win a goodie bag and something special from Jane personally! On top of that you’ll get bragging rights on Twitter and we’ll publicly dub you queen/king sleuth.

* Good luck!

About the Author

Jane  Alexander’s  short  stories  aJaneAlexander2nd  creative  non-­‐fiction  has  been  widely  published  in  a  number  of  anthologies  and  literary  magazines,  including  Mslexia,  Litro  and  The  Orphan  Leaf  Review.  A  winner  of  a  major  national  story  competition,  and  the  recipient  of  a  Scottish  Arts  Council  New  Writers  bursary,  Jane  is  also  a  lecturer  in  creative  writing  at  the  Open  University.


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