30 Days of Holly (30 Things You Didn’t Know About Holly)

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Lucy can’t help but feel lonely when she and her brother move in with their gran, leaving behind their old friends. Lucy wishes she could have a pet, but Gran isn’t keen on animals. A stray kitten catches Lucy’s attention, and she instantly falls in love with it. Where will the kitten go if she can’t find anyone to take her in?A heart-warming read from best-selling author Holly Webb, perfect for fans of Magic Animal Friends and Animal Ark.

Paperback, 128 pages
Expected publication: April 6th 2015 by Stripes Publishi

30 things you didn’t know about Holly

1 I’m really, really scared of spiders.

2 My favourite sweets are Mini Eggs but…

3 …I can only eat them in twos, and they have to be the same colour, otherwise they don’t taste right!

4 My favourite colour is purple.

5 Growing up I wanted to be a librarian so I got to read all the books.

6 I wrote my first book sitting on the floor of a train!

7 Back to the spiders – I have to get my son Tom to rescue them and put them outside.

8 I have three children…

9 ..and also three Bengal cats.

10 But I’m holding out against my son Tom, who wants a pet scorpion.

11 My first pet was a cat called Rosie…

12 I would have been called Rosie if my parents hadn’t got the cat first!

13 The first pet that belonged just to me was a mouse, called Truffle – because he was round and chocolate-coloured.

14 I really wanted a rat, but I wasn’t allowed, as my mum didn’t like their pink tails.

15 At one point I accidentally owned nine gerbils.

16 When I was about ten I decided I was going to be an archaeologist, but I gave up on that idea because archaeology looked a bit too muddy.

17 Some of my favourite books – The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis.

18 The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

19 And A Little Princess by the same author. I loved this one – I always wanted to have an imagination like Sara’s.

20 I get cold fingers when I’m typing so I often wear fingerless gloves!

21 I write on a laptop, curled up in a purple velvet armchair.

22 I drink far too much coffee.

23 I can bend the top joints of my fingers over without bending the others (try it, you’ll see what I mean!)

24 I still have the toy polar bear, Polar, that I had as a child, and used as inspiration for The Snow Bear.

25 I used to dream (still do occasionally) that I could jump from the top of a flight of steps in my parents’ house and float down.

26 I would love a Dachshund/Chihuahua cross, they’re very cute, and the breed’s called a Dachsihuahua!

27 I love books about dragons.

28 I don’t like eggs (unless they’re in cake!)

29 My books have been translated into sixteen languages.

30 I used to daydream about finding a kitten in my garden!


About the Author

_MG_6505 (reduced)Holly Webb is one of the UK’s most loved children’s authors. She started writing while working as a children’s books editor and is now the author of well over 90 books. As well as the Animal Stories series, Holly is also the author of the Maisie Hitchins series and the classic winter stories, including The Winter Wolf, for Stripes. In 2014, she wrote Little Puppy Lost, her first picture book, for Little Tiger Press. Visit www.holly-webb.com for further information.

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