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Lies Like LoveSummary:

LIES ‘There were a few problems . . . bullying . . . a fire . . .’

LIKE I think she’s verging on psychosis . . . now she’s lashing out. LOVE She’s got no one else to fight for her.’ Sixteen year-old Audrey just wants to be normal. She’s trying to fit in. But what happens when the person closest to you suffocates you with their love? What happens then?

Published: July 3rd 2014

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10 Random things about Lies Like Love

1. ‘Lies Like Love’ is due to be published in a few other countries in the forthcoming months: Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Finland and Norway. The German title is Jeden Tag ein Bisschen Mehr’, which roughly translates as: ‘Every Day A Little More’. I think it’s great, really intriguing.

2. I was originally going to call the book, ‘The Things We’ll Do in the Spring’. In the end I decided on the alliterative ‘Lies Like Love’, which I think is much more punchy and perfectly fits the relationships I explore in the novel. But I still like the yearning and sense of unfulfilled possibilities in my earlier idea, though.

3. In ‘Lies Like Love’ I write from a male perspective, albeit in the third person, as well as in my more familiar first person female voice. I really enjoyed getting inside Leo’s head and exploring the possibilities of a different narrative style, so much so that the book I’m working on now has a male character as the protagonist. It’s interesting to ring the changes and to push your imagination to new places.

4. I used a character/presence called The Thing in ‘Lies Like Love’ – inspired by one of my favourite TV series ever: Twin Peaks. There’s a hideous character in Twin Peaks called ‘Bob” who is the manifestation of evil and totally and utterly creeped me out when I first saw the series. The Thing is also a manifestation of a malign presence…it’s up to the reader to decide what that is!


Killer Bob!

5. landscapes in the novel are inspired by the landscapes around where I live: flat lands, huge skies, loads of mud and bleak expanses of fen. Funnily enough, the village where I live features in a novel by Sebastian Faulks entitled ‘Engleby’. A fictional murder victim is lurking around the fields here somewhere…

6. I got lots of ideas for the novel when walking my dog Mabel. I recorded them on the voice recorder on my phone because I have experienced the hideousness of forgetting a great phrase or idea one too many times…

7. I always choose the names of my characters carefully. It’s funny because one of the things my students at school often ask me is whether or not a writer makes deliberate choices – ie used a particular metaphor or word. I always say yes, Nothing is accidental. In this instance, Audrey means noble strength and I think she is a very strong and decent character, sometimes at the expense of her own safety. Leo, of course, means lion and he has to be really brave and gutsy in his eventual dealings with the family. I love the name, too, and knew a boy at university who, like Leo, was very gentlemanly and had been brought up with perfect manners. Peter means rock and he is indeed at the centre of Audrey’s life, so vital and important, and her love for him is steadfast. I love going on baby naming website and picking my characters names!

8. I wrote loads of drafts of this book, killed off heaps of characters and deleted thousands of words in the process. I enjoyed every second. My editor often thanked me for my hard work, but really, it was a joy. Writing never ceases to be the thing I love doing most in life.

9. Lies Like Love is really not a random book. I plotted it in minute detail. It is, therefore, very difficult to think of random things to say about it! I think I’ve done fairly well here!

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About the Author

LouisLouisa Pica Reid is a writer and teacher living on the Fen Edge. Her debut novel, BLACK HEART BLUE was published in 2012 by Penguin and was shortlisted for the North East Teen Book Award and longlisted for the Carnegie and Branford Boase awards. Her second novel, LIES LIKE LOVE was published in July 2014 by Penguin.


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