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Meet the Strawberry Sisters! Oldest sister Amelia wants to be Left Alone to have deep thoughts, so she’s grown a fringe to hide under. Second up is Chloe who’s sport-crazy and in training to be a wrestling star (this week anyway). Littlest sister Lucy is the cute one who’s training an army of earwigs. Then there’s Ella. The middle one who’s still trying to work out what makes her “perfectly Ella” and how to stand out in a house full of big personalities. And now there’s a new Strawberry Sister. Baby Kirsti who lives with Dad and his Finnish girlfriend. Along with her sisters and one very tired Mum who’s struggling to keep it all together, Ella’s small home is crammed with almost-finished homework, nearly-clean jumpers and a vampire bunny called Buttercup. With so much going on, life can sometimes feel totally crazy but the Strawberry sisters have a secret weapon against the craziness of the world they live in, each other.

Paperback, 256 pages
Published April 23rd 2015 by Simon & Schuster Childrens Books

Ten Random Things About Perfectly Ella

1. I have four sisters just like Ella. They’re called Naomi, Chantal, Romany and Francesca. I’m the second youngest. When people ask me what it’s like growing up in a big family I tell them that I still eat with one arm guarding my plate.

2. Ella’s little sister, Lucy, buries a dress so that she won’t have to wear it. One of my sisters did the same thing. But I can’t tell you which one because my mum still doesn’t know about it and if I get my sister in trouble, she might bury me in the same place as the dress.

3. Whenever I name a tutor group in my books I always use the initials of someone I know. Chloe’s tutor group 8NM are named after someone I worked with as a trainee teacher. He was a big S Club 7 fan and somehow persuaded me to do a dance routine with him to one of their songs in the school talent show. In time I forgave him.

4. Ella and her sisters have got red hair. Every one of my books includes a red-headed character. This is because my daughter has got ginger hair and she thinks there should be more red hair everywhere.

5. My daughter’s favourite line in the book is when Ella is worrying that crying is babyish and her sister, Chloe, says, ‘Crying is for anyone who feels like it. Like farting.’

6. I wrote the first draft of Perfectly Ella in three months. That’s a record for me.

7. Suvi, the girls’ Finnish step-mum, is named after a very nice girl that I met when I was at school. She was the first person I’d ever known who owned a mobile phone. I didn’t think it would catch on. That’s how old (and bad at predicting the future of technology) I am.

8. Perfectly Ella was originally called Cherry Pie. There’s still a reference to pie in one of my favourite parts of the book.

9. Sometimes when I can’t think of a name for a character I look at the author names on my bookshelves. Ella’s art teacher is named Miss Gardner because I looked up and saw Sally Gardner’s name on my copy of Maggot Moon.

10. Perfectly Ella is dedicated to my parents. I usually choose to dedicate a book to someone because there’s something in the story that makes me think of that person. This time it was my parents because they know what it’s like to have five naughty high-spirited daughters.


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