Quentin Blake’s ABC & Nursery Rhyme Book‏s

 My Review

Quentin Blake’s ABC book really does stand out from the crowd – it’s wonderful!

It can be tricky to teach kids the alphabet, because lets face it – it’s quite a boring task! But Quentin Blake has managed to make learning your ABC’s a whole lot of rhyming fun! Teamed with fantastic illustrations really does make this an all round winner!

We absolutely love this ABC book and my daughter can remember the funny little rhyme that goes along with it – which means she can remember the alphabet…..erm….sort of!

Everyone should pick this book up for little people of alphabet learning age everywhere!

5/5 Stars!


 My Review

Quentin Blake’s Nursery Rhyme Book is such a super book! The best part of the book is the fact that it is filled with nursery rhymes that children will have probably never heard before – which I think is excellent because kids really do get sick of the same old nursery rhymes all of the time!

My daughter was glued to the spectacular illustrations – which you can always expect with a Blake book! She has also favourited and can remember a few of the shorter rhymes – a huge plus!

This quirky nursery rhyme book needs to go on children’s wishlists everywhere! It really won’t disappoint!

4/5 Stars


*Special thanks to Red Fox for the review copies*



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