A little bit of rambling!

Can an uneducated person enjoy and blog about books that they love?

Well this is something that has been on my mind a lot recently! I wasn’t going to publicly talk about it but I was attacked on Facebook recently for using seen instead of saw, so I thought I would do a little post!

Don’t get me wrong I had every opportunity at a brilliant education, but being an unruly teenager I just dropped out of everything as I wasn’t interested! I didn’t even sit my GCSE’s – that’s how far back my wild behaviour went!

Do I regret my actions?

YES, everyday!  

Do I want better for my children?

YES, of course!

But, what I want to know is:

Should I be reviewing books? 

I am VERY passionate about books and to be honest my life wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have them in it! But do people even appreciate my messy work?

Should I still be getting review copies of books if I can’t write an adequate review? Are my reviews that terrible? 

I put all my energy and thought into writing my reviews but I do struggle in the grammar and structure department – hands up I will admit that!

I have 2 children, but some day soon I hope to further my education! I have a thirst for knowledge now, which I didn’t have as a teenager! I want to learn and improve, of course I do. We’re not all perfect though!

1 piece of advice for teenagers out there:

Study hard, stick with it and try your best! Because lets face it the length of time we’re in school is really only a drop in the ocean compared to our bigger pictures!

2 big questions for me remain:

Should I STOP reviewing and blogging about books?

To be honest, I don’t know but I can tell you, I am very disheartened!

Should I stop writing my own book right now? Because lets face it nobody is going to want to look at the jumbled mess!

Anyway, thanks for reading this and I can only apologise for rambling on! I think I’m entitled to at least 1 ramble in my 18 months of blogging! Lol!

And as always, feel free to be honest!

Carly 🙂


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