Releasing the Wolf by Dianna Hardy

Summary from Goodreads

Lydia Martin has always had dreams, the weirdest and hottest of them all involving a faceless, muscle-bound man that speaks like sin and smells like sex. Like any sane person, she always put the dreams down to an overactive imagination, coupled with a higher than average libido.

One night, however, instead of their usual, erotic encounters, she finds him in her dream, chained to a wall and screaming in pain. Not only that, but she thinks she recognises the building he’s being held captive in as one that’s just a few streets away.

Awaking with an irrepressible need to save her fantasy lover, Lydia decides to humour her dream self and head on over to where she thinks he’s imprisoned.

What unfolds is beyond even her wildest imaginings, as she’s sucked into a dangerous and deadly world she never knew existed … and it turns out that the man who inhabits her darkest fantasies, isn’t the only one that needs releasing.

My Review

Dianna Hardy’s books are always on the hot side but Releasing the Wolf is taken to a whole other steamy level and I simply loved it *fans self*! Dianna has cooked up yet again another complex novel that is highly addictive, wonderfully written and full of sexy males! To be honest I really don’t know how she manages to cram so much into a novella but she does it so perfectly. The storyline is fast, furious, in-depth, tense, red hot, full of shockers and delicious characters – What more could you ask for?! My favourite guy would have to be Lawrence, I think he is the most intriguing and probably the rawest out of the lot, he is also one hunk of hot wolf that I won’t soon forget in a hurry. I think what I enjoyed the most was the introduction of the Trident (the enemy) who we don’t get the full picture of but I was still disgusted and intrigued at the same time.

Lydia has been dreaming of a sexy guy called Ryan for years now and she has now become very familiar with him. But when she goes to bed and dreams of him chained to a wall and recognises the place he’s being held, things really do become so much more real. She is immediately thrown into a dark, dangerous world that she never could of imagined existed. 

Lydia soon finds out some shocking things about herself and her dream guy, who is really real and a whole lot man. She will soon find herself lusting after more than her dream lover though….

Dianna Hardy’s sex scenes really do sizzle and are probably not for the faint hearted, but I think they are stunning! The ending of this book is so interesting and my appetite is definitely wet for the next instalment in this brilliant new series! 

Go pick up your copy today of you’d like to go on a wild thrill ride yourself!

4/5 Stars!

Carly 🙂

*Thanks to Dianna for the review copy*


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