This Raging Light by Estelle Laure (Review)

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How is it that you suddenly notice a person? How is it that one day Digby was my best friend’s admittedly cute twin brother, and then the next he stole air, gave jitters, twisted my insides up?

Lucille has bigger problems than falling for her best friend’s unavailable brother. Her mom has gone, leaving her to look after her sister, Wren. With bills mounting up and appearances to keep, Lucille is raging against her life but holding it together – just.

A stunning debut to devour in one sitting, Laure captures completely the agony and ecstasy of first love.

Hardcover, 320 pages
Published January 14th 2016 by Orchard Books (first published December 22nd 2015)

My Thoughts

This is such a beautiful BEAUTIFUL book. It has such a lovely flow that it is so easy to get wrapped up in its loviliness. I picked it up and read little bits at a time, savouring its beauty. Then I just couldn’t hold back, I devoured it ever so quickly.

There is a fantastic mix of characters nestled within these pages and I throughly enjoyed getting to know them all. I particularly loved Lucille, she is fierce and has a really strong head on her shoulders. Lucille’s best-friend Eden has a twin brother called Digby and they’ve known each other forever. Watching the relationship form and shift throughout the story was really fascinating.

The story itself tells of the struggles Lucille has when her mother walks out on her and her little sister, Wren. Lucille must try to keep the family together and look after Wren. But with no money she has to learn to fend for herself to provide for them both. It’s when things get the toughest that she realises that she is falling in love at the worst possible time….but she cannot help it, she is consumed by it.

I loved this love story with its gorgeous pepperings of that real first true love vibe. It just wrapped me up in a jittery bubble. Saying that it was real in a way that nothing is ever perfect and the best things in life have jagged edges.

This Raging Light is a perfect debut. It tugged on my heartstrings and had me sighing at its poetic beauty. I would urge everyone to pick up this book – it’s just so lovely. I simply cannot wait for Proof of Life!!

5 Stars**



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