The Ultimate Peter Rabbit – A Visual Guide to the World of Beatrix Potter (Review)

peter-rabbitMy Thoughts

Ah, this is such a beautiful keeper! I grew up with Peter Rabbit and all of his adventures, so I simply delighted with each turn of page here. There are so many interesting facts and so much to learn and explore that I took my time with it, marvelling at each revelation.

This book is an updated 150 years celebratory one. It tells of the very beginning and how Peter Rabbit and friends came to be. Then from the beginning to the road to publication. It gives a wonderful inside look into Beatrix Potter’s life and her real life animals that she loved to draw. She also made cards and wrote little letters to children.

Following the success of Peter Rabbit we can see Peter Rabbit fan mail and loads of stunningly beautiful merchandise. At the end section there is a Peter Rabbit timeline and map – which I simply adored!

The thing I loved the most has to be the amount of brilliant sketches and pictures crammed into these pages – it gives for such a lush and very interesting read.

This gorgeous book is a real must for fans of the Beatrix Potter World. It is ever so fascinating and with each flip of the page I discovered new delights. I love this book – it really is a BIG must!

5/5 Stars

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