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Alchemy meets dreamy reality in this new atmospheric adventure from the author of the bestselling debut, The Wolf Princess.

The White Tower is the uplifting and magical story of Livy, a young girl lost in throws of grief and forced to move schools. Struggling to cope with life, Livy finds solace high up on the rooftop amongst the domes and spires of her new home. With the perfect blend of science and dreamy reality, Constable paints a rich and atmospheric story of a lonely girl coming to terms with the death of her best friend and finding a way to let go of her pain.

Cathryn Constable’s debut novel, The Wolf Princess, was one of the bestselling debuts of 2012. It swept the board with gorgeous reviews and was shortlisted for
the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and the Specsavers National Book Awards.


Guest Post From Cathryn Constable

I have to have some visuals pinned up before I start writing. In many ways, it’s the loveliest part of the writing process because everything is still possible and no decisions have been made that are going to make me feel boxed in later. It’s a lovely way to think about the setting of the novel and start to think about characters and a possible progression of where my main character might end up.

As I begin to write, I’ll pin more pictures to the board. It’s an ongoing process. And it’s the connection of the pictures, sometimes, that will spark something quite unexpected. Or I will find the perfect picture after I’ve written something… That’s always oddly thrilling.

When I was writing The Wolf Princess, I found lots of pictures of decaying Russian palaces (of which the internet has plenty) and snow and white wolves. I found a picture of, it seemed to me, the very woman I had described in the novel and who I thought of as a fake Russian princess. Starting The White Tower was different as the story was not very clear in my mind. I pinned up pictures of the tower of London, a beautiful carved face of an angel (the statue is in Glasgow, apparently) and a sweet looking girl who made me think of Livy, my main character.

Where any of these images were found, I can’t now remember as I am always very bad at noting the particulars.

Here are some which I had on my pinboard…









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