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Dev and his friends are back with more mind-bending tech in this third installment of the Inventory series. The World Consortium is recruiting more agents to defend the most advanced technology the world isn’t ready for, and it’s up to Dev, Lottie and Mase to train them up for action. But will they be ready before Shadow Helix’s next strike? And has Dev uncovered all the secrets of his past, or is there more to know about his special abilities?

Published by Scholastic (April 2017)


Tell us about Dev

Dev, his full name, Devon, is my lead in The Inventory series. He’s a guy with secrets. So many secrets that even he doesn’t know the answers. And most of the time, he doesn’t even know the questions.

He’s of Indian decent, which may surprise some people as it’s never mentioned. Why should it be? I hear a lot of complaints about the lack of multi-cultural characters, which is a fair argument. But then again, the characters live in the mind of the reader, so how much of that is because we put our own projections on the characters?

Dev is also quite a lonely kid due to being born and raised deep underground in the Inventory. Perhaps this character trait is a little of me when I was younger, preferring to read books and write stories than hang outside. As a result, Dev has a broad scope of interests – specialising in nothing, but working from a strong vault of general knowledge.

I guess a little piece of me (cor, this is like therapy) is in Dev’s desire to leave his home and explore the bigger world. I was raised in the suburbs of Liverpool. Liverpool is such a big city, but it was all pretty much the same and I rapidly realised that there was obviously much, much more beyond its borders – which I finally got to explore when I was older. That is part of Dev’s journey too, he has a massive desire for escapism.

And, of course, he has superpowers. Well, I have already written my eight-part and series which revels in the world of traditional superpowers, so this time round I wanted to create something more grounded. I discovered a condition called synaesthesia. The latest research shows it may be more widely spread than first suspected. So what is it?

Imagine being able to taste the colour yellow. Smell what a square looks like. Or every time you see a number you see a colour too. How about this – imagine being able to see time. It sounds

like something from the vaults of science fiction, but it’s real. Synaesthesia mixes the senses, and the results can be scary and incredible. You can test yourself here:

Of course, I wanted to give Dev’s condition an edge… but I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so you’ll have to read the books…



Andy has extensive experience working on multinational co-productions and has worked in comics, books, TV, film and trans-media projects.

Andy wrote and Executive Produced Legendary, currently the most successful independent UK/Chinese co-production. Released in China and grossing $5 million in the first week, with a theatric US release in 2014. With his brother he worked on Hollywood features such as Judge Dredd and Freddy vs. Jason and TV shows for the SyFy Channel and Netflix.

He wrote and co-created Secret Agents, a trans-media interactive spy experience for children, currently on at the Discover Centre, Stratford. He has 16 books and graphic novels published in the UK and around the world.

He has written 20 books and graphic novels published in the UK and around the world. In 2016 his latest feature, Crowhurst, will be released.



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