SweetFreak by Sophie McKenzie (Review)

Summary from Goodreads

Carey and Amelia have been best friends forever. Then Amelia starts being trolled by SweetFreak, a mysterious and hateful online account, and Carey is accused of being behind the vicious comments.

Shut out by her other friends and shunned by Amelia, Carey is determined to find out who’s really sending the messages. But as the online threats spill over into real life, events start spiralling out of control…

Can Carey expose the real SweetFreak before it’s too late?

Paperback, 337 pages
Expected publication: August 24th 2017 by Simon & Schuster

Quickie Review

SweetFreak is yet again another stand out read from Sophie McKenzie! It had it all – interesting characters, an edgy storyline, twisty turns and nail-biting moments!

The storyline follows the aftermath of one of two best friends being accused of cyber bullying the other. It gets serious, police are involved and a death threat is on the table. Forced into a corner with nowhere to hide, Carey, must prove her innocence or take the fall…

I really enjoyed the family dynamics throughout this story and the relationships were believable and honest. I loved watching Carey jump to conclusions and try to work through everything. ANother thing I enjoyed was the very lovely hints of romance simmering along in the back round in the second half of the book.

Sophie McKenzie sure knows how to keep readers glued to those pages. The mystery kept me addicted and I flipped those pages all to quickly. I think this was a brilliantly written and constructed novel with lots of wonderful little twists and turns – not to mention bitching episodes! Not my favourite of Sophie McKenzie’s but still really enjoyed.

4/5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Simon & Schuster for the review copy*



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