The Mother by Jaime Raven – 10 Random Things Blog Post!

Summary from Goodreads

I’ve taken your daughter, as punishment for what you did …

Prepare to be gripped by the heart-stopping new thriller from the author of The Madam.

South London detective Sarah Mason is a single mother. It’s a tough life, but Sarah gets by. She and her ex-husband, fellow detective Adam Boyd, adore their 15-month-old daughter Molly.

Until Sarah’s world falls apart when she receives a devastating threat: Her daughter has been taken, and the abductor plans to raise Molly as their own, as punishment for something Sarah did.

Sarah is forced to stand back while her team try to track down the kidnapper. But her colleagues aren’t working fast enough to find Molly. To save her daughter, Sarah must take matters into her own hands, in a desperate hunt that will take her to the very depths of London’s underworld.

Paperback, 368 pages
Expected publication: September 7th 2017 by Avon

10 Random Things about Jaime Raven books

1. The Mother is the third Jaime Raven novel. The others are The Madam and The Alibi. They all tell gritty crime stories and have a strong female protagonist.

2. A book’s cover is so important because it needs to stand out. That’s why I’m so pleased with the covers of my books and all credit must go to the design team at Avon/Harper Collins. Each one features the face of a beautiful woman with a strap line that makes you curious to know who she is and what she’s done.

3. In my books there’s also a ruthless villain. In the Madam it’s Joe Strickland. In The Albi it’s Danny Shapiro and in The Mother his name is Tony Kemp. I’ve based these characters on real gangsters who in the past brought terror to the streets of London – including Charlie Richardson, the Kray Twins and ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser. It never ceases to amaze me how seriously nasty these guys were.

4. I used to live and work in London and that’s the setting for The Mother and The Alibi. I also worked in in the capital as a newspaper reporter and covered hundreds of crime stories. I draw on that experience when I’m writing.

5. My storylines are such that I have to research a lot of unsavoury subjects so I hate to imagine what people would think if they delved into my computer history without knowing I’m an author. For The Madam I downloaded lots of material on pimps and prostitutes. For The Mother I searched for information on child abductions. I’m currently working on a new book and I’ve had to download lots of material on ‘various ways to murder someone.’

6. Revenge is an emotion that features heavily in The Mother and The Madam. It’s also a theme in my next book. It’s a fascinating subject to research because there’s so much about it online and who can resist reading articles with headlines such as – THREE OF THE WORLD’S MOST SHOCKING REVENGE CRIMES, FIVE PEOPLE WHO TOOK REVENGE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL and EIGHT CRIME BOOKS RIDDLED WITH REVENGE?

7. Beth Chambers is the main character in The Alibi and I based her loosely on myself. She’s a crime reporter working for a London newspaper and she lives in Peckham. I worked for two national newspapers for a time and I also lived in Peckham.

8. I moved to Southampton some years ago and chose to set The Madam there. The story centres on a prostitute named Lizzie Wells who goes to prison for a crime she didn’t commit. While behind bars her son dies and when Lizzie is released she seeks revenge. While researching the book I found out something surprising about my home town – it has a dark underbelly and is home to a large number of sex workers!

9. People ask me where I get inspiration for my stories. Well it mostly comes from newspapers. Most days a news story appears that I think could be turned into a book. That was how I got the idea for The Mother. There was a story about the abduction of a child. It got me thinking and I went online to research other cases where children were kidnapped by strangers. What I discovered was quite disturbing, but it all helped when it came to developing the idea into a story that stretched to over 300 pages.

10. I’ve just finished the first draft of my next book. Once again it has a female lead. But this time is also features an antagonist who is more ruthless and cold-blooded than any of the others. Perhaps that’s because she’s a woman!!



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