The Ice Sea Pirates by Frida Nilsson – Mini-Review & Extract


Ten-year-old Siri and her little sister Miki live with their elderly father in an Arctic archipelago. One day, while they are out gathering snowberries, Miki is abducted by Captain Whitehead.

Everyone knows the story about Captain Whitehead, a pirate with hair white as snow and heart as empty as an ice cave. All he wants is children, the smaller the better. They say Whitehead has a diamond mine, a great chasm in the earth. To be taken to that mine is the worst thing that can happen to a child.

To prevent her father from risking his life to find Miki, Siri sets out to find her sister by herself. In Siri’s adventure on the seas she will encounter wolves, sailors, mermaids, profound evil, and true humanity. The Ice Sea Pirates is a classic children’s adventure and a humane story of sisterhood, friendship, and courage.

Published by Gecko Press


Mini Review

Hello, this is Lily and today I will be reviewing The Ice Sea Pirates….well what I’ve read so far! It’s taking me a little longer than expected because I’m taking my time enjoying it.

My favourite part so far is when Siri wants to save her sister, it was really emotional to read (it made me cry from the start). I really enjoyed the bond the sisters have.

Siri has to be my favourite character because she is caring, brave and adventurous. When her sister is captured by the Pirates she shows great courage.

The book makes me feel like a spectator which is great. The story makes me feel emotional but it is also great fun. I can’t wait to finish this fantastic tale.

Lily age 8!


Click link below to read an awesome extract:

The Ice Sea Pirates Chapter 2


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