Defiance by C.J. Redwine

Summary from Goodreads
Rachel’s world is confined to the protective walls around her city. Beyond them are violent wanderers, extreme terrain, and a danger straight out of legend: a beast called the Cursed One that devastates everything in its path.

When Rachel’s father goes missing, she is desperate to search for him. But her attempts to flee the city bring her to the attention of its overbearing ruler. His efforts to control her make the world within the walls seem as dangerous as that outside.

Her only chance at escape is Logan. Once her father’s apprentice, and now her only protector, he feels that helping her might mean losing her completely. But if he can put his feelings aside, they might be able to save more than Rachel’s father. They might be able to break down the walls, and set their people free.

Paperback, 403 pages
Published September 6th 2012 by Atom (first published August 28th 2012) 

My Review 
Defiance really does have a little bit of everything: A complex storyline set in a brutally harsh world that is wonderfully imagined, fantastic writing that is easy to fall into, in-depth like-able characters that I genuinely cared about, kick-butt action, lots of believable emotion and best of all an honest love story that is both natural and really sweet! I really cannot believe this is C.J. Redwine’s debut novel, as it is simply wonderful. I really like this exciting new world created here and I think the book bumps along at a great pace. I was never bored or disinterested while reading Defiance, I was stuck to those pages from start to finish. One of the things that annoyed me a little though was the lack of information about the cursed ones, I really would of loved more back info, also was this set in the past, future or present day? I couldn’t help thinking on occasion that it was set in the past, maybe it was mentioned and I just didn’t pick up on it.
Rachel lives with her father behind the protective walls of a place called Baalboden. The walls protect them from a monstrous beast they call The Cursed One, the city is ruled by a ruthless commander who forces strict rules upon the people of Baalboden. Rachel’s dad is the best tracker the commander has but when he doesn’t return home from his mission in the wastelands, Rachel knows something is seriously wrong. She is desperate to head out beyond the walls to search for him but escaping proves to be near impossible as the commander is keeping her and her newly appointed protector, Logan,  firmly within his sights…. 

The ending is chillingly good and it really did have me on the edge of my seat throughout. The author conveys loss brilliantly, I really was choked up and really felt for Rachel throughout the book. The girl goes through so much and she always comes out swinging, she is tough, fierce, fiery and I really wouldn’t like her any other way. I also loved Logan, who is a real cutie that I really enjoyed getting to know. I really don’t want to wait another year for the next instalment, but I am very confident it will be worth the wait. Defiance is a real winner that you need to add to your wishlist today!

4/5 Stars
*Special thanks to Atom Books for the review copy*
Carly 🙂  


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