Don’t Talk to Strangers by Amanda Kyle Williams

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If you like Karin Slaughter you’ll love Amanda Kyle Williams…

Sheriff Ken Meltzer, from the small town of Whisper, finds the decomposing body of a girl deep in the Georgia forest. Next to her, the skeletal remains of another girl. One victim had been there for sixty days, the other for ten years.

Drugs, theft and reckless speeders are the main worries in Meltzer’s county; homicide is not his speciality. A friend at the Atlanta Police Department recommends a freelancer Meltzer has never heard of – former FBI profiler and private detective Keye Street…

Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: Headline (1 July 2014)

My Review

This is my first read in the Keye Street series and boy have I been missing out! Amanda Kyle Williams is a masterful writer who takes the reader on quite the journey. Not only is the storyline fast paced and suspense filled – it has the most amazing set of super complex and very interesting characters. This could easily be read as a standalone…but I will be going back to read the others.

Main character Keye has many different jobs including being a private detective, a bail recovery agent and former criminal investigative analyst for the FBI as well as a profiler. She is called upon to look at the murder investigation of two 13 year old girls murdered 10 years apart. She travels to the small town of Whisper, run by Sheriff, Ken Metzger. But the small town doesn’t welcome her into their domain…they make things uncomfortable.

Can Keye catch this psychopath before it’s too late? The clock is ticking down and another 13 year old is missing…

I like Keye a lot…she is tough but also vulnerable and definitely edgy. She is smart but has a checkered past. She seemed so much more human, making mistakes and having her flaws. Watching her interact with others and get into the killers mindset was very interesting.

The storyline had many possible paths and lots of angles to explore. I quite possibly suspected everyone at some point. I never quite knew what was going to be around each corner but it was sure to be unsettling. Williams’ writing is spot-on, she deals out little snippets to keep you on the edge and guessing, I liked that the detailing of the murders was subtle and not over-played.

There were little hints of Keye’s boyfriend Rauser throughout and I just wished there was more as I found him intriguing. Hopefully he plays a bigger part in the other books in the series.

The ending was unexpectedly brilliant. Just when I thought I had it all sussed…it was blown right out of the water all over again. A brilliant double whammy!

Don’t Talk to Strangers is an exciting but also twisty page turner that will have readers everywhere glued to those pages. It’s thrilling, chilling but also real and believable. I really did love the characters and I just can’t wait to get my next Keye Street fix!

4.5 / 5 Stars

*Special thanks to Headline for providing the review copy in exchange for an honest review*


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