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I started doing this blog as I read a lot of books and decided to share my views on them with others.  I read a wide variety of genres and enjoy hearing other peoples thoughts and views. I am based in the UK.

If you would like your book reviewed by me, I would love to hear from you. All my reviews are my own honest opinions, whether or not I like a book I will tell you why. And if I receive a book for review it will not sway my opinion. I will get all books read and reviewed ASAP when I receive them, If you need your book reviewed quickly please let me know beforehand so I can get to it sooner.  I am open to reading a wide variety of books, but if it not something of interest I will let you know before hand. I do not review ebooks, simply because I do not have an e-reader.

Also if you would like to do an interview, giveaway or anything else please let me know.

If you would like your book reviewed by me or would like more information contact me :

Carly 🙂

*Please note – I am a bit behind with things at the moment. Please bear with me and I will get to your book as soon as I possibly can*

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